By Floriane Closuit

While jogging along the lake, Floriane suddenly feels a pain in her ankle. She thinks it’s just a sprain. But the diagnosis is quite different: it’s multiple sclerosis! She starts to sway and everything changes around her.

Floriane reaches out to her camera and points it towards her, as if she were seized by a deep inner driving force. Thus begins the story of her journey to accept a new reality.

SALVATAGGIO tells the touching and surprising story of Floriane’s inner odyssey in her stiffed body to liberate her spirit, driven by a deep search for freedom.

A film by Floriane Closuit

Produced by Louise Productions Vevey and EFM production

Year of production : 2021
Language : french
Subtitles : french, german, greek, english
Length : 74 min

Image : Floriane Closuit, Cédric Russio, Gabriel Lobos, Dejan Savic
Sound : Masaki Hatsui
Editing : Prune Jaillet, Dejan Savic
Sound editing and mixing : Martin Stricker


Louise Productions Vevey
Rue de la Clergère 2
1800 Vevey