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“In my work as a producer at Louise Productions, I love to meet the audience and be present for the films of the directors and writers we bring to the screen. That’s why I decided to set up a dynamic distribution system which is convivial and easily available to the public.”
Heinz Dill, producer

Going to the cinema

Going to the cinema is a pleasure which never grows old. There’s nothing like the pleasure of seeing the curtain open and the lights go down, of relaxing into your seat and letting a film carry you away for a couple of hours…

Our mission

Our mission is to create unique cinematic events, to work with other cultural institutions, organise meetings with film makers and throw a new light on the experience of film.


Inform you

louisevaauciné keeps you up to date with screenings and events in Switzerland of the films we distribute and support, with our on-line shop.


Louise Productions Vevey
Rue de la Clergère 2
1800 Vevey