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Holy Tour

By Méryl Fortunat-Rossi et Valéry Rosier

A film about the fans who come to cheer the Tour de France race,

A film about modern-day pilgrims,

A film about the hairpin bends of the legendary Izoard pass,

A film about RVs that stake their spots two weeks ahead of time,

A film about the passing of time perched between the road and the cliff,

A film about summertime and a new daily routine,

A film about our need to belong.

A film by Méryl Fortunat-Rossi and Valéry Rosier

Produced Wrong Men and Supermouche Productions

Year of production : 2018
Language :
Length : 70 min
Viewing age : legal age 6 years old, recommended age 10 years old

Sound : Marie Paulus
Editing : Julie Naas
Sound editing : Sylvie Fortin
Sound mixing : Cédric Denooz

In coproduction with the RTBF – France Télévisons – Datcha Film

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