Elegy for a Lighthouse

By Dominique de Rivaz

With “Elegy for a Lighthouse” Dominique de Rivaz signs a remarkable cinematographic essay, unexpected, intimate in its approach und universal in its subject. Sheer coincidence has brought her to grieve in Choina and its polar desert, somewhere in the far north of Russia. She is in mourning. Her father has just died. A photograph in a magazine, picked up at random at a station newsstand, draws her attention. It is said that in a remote hamlet in the Russian far north, a lighthouse will be extinguished forever, and his guardian laid off. Her sadness is embodied without warning in these destinies. Without herself yet understanding why, she knows, she is convinced: there is a place of her mourning.

A film by Dominique de Rivaz

Produced by Louise Productions Vevey

Year of production : 2013
Language : french, german
Subtitles : german, english, russian
Length : 56 min

Script : Dominique de Rivaz
Image and sound : 
Dmitrij Leltschuk and Dominique de Rivaz
Editing : Prune Jaillet
Sound editing and sound mixing: Peter von Siebenthal

In coproduction with the RTS

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Louise Productions Vevey
Rue de la Clergère 2
1800 Vevey