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Curry Western

By Kamal Musale

Sheela, an English activist of Indian origin, learns that her father has suddenly died in the jungle – devoured by a tiger!
Despite her dislike for her father and his Indian culture, Sheela and her aspiring writer husband Simon, go to India to sell the property she inherited. For Simon, the money is a chance to live their “dream-life”.
When they arrive, they encounter Bindu, a white hippie, who declares himself to be her father’s “spiritual son”, and who claims rather violently his right to the property.
These three people trapped by their own basest natures come unhinged in the Indian jungle, with darkly comic results…and where civilization never seemed so far away.

A film by Kamal Musale

Produced by Louise Productions Vevey, Les Films du Lotus, Flick the Switch and Curry Western Pvt. Ltd

Year of production : 2018
Languages :
english, french
Subtitles : french
Length : 105 min

Script : Kamal Musale, Robert Appleby, Cédric Basso, Sylvain Reymond
Image : Piotr Jaxa
Sound : Eric Ghersinu
Editing : Loredana Cristelli
Sound editing : Gabriel Hafner
Sound mixing :
François Musy
Music : Laurence Crevoisier and Annick Rody

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Louise Productions Vevey
Rue de la Clergère 2
1800 Vevey