Clara Haskil
The Performer’s Enigma

By Prune Jaillet, Pierre-Olivier François et Pascal Cling

Clara Haskil shied away from media, did no interview, and none of her famous concerts were ever filmed. And yet she gradually succeeded in exerting a unique charisma. Why, and how does this unique woman exude such fascination until today?

How can one define the enigma of the interpreter she so perfectly embodies? This question, which permeates throughout the whole film, allows Clara Haskil to be discovered as a person and an artist and whom Vladimir Horowitz, Pablo Casals, Christian Zacharias or Charlie Chaplin recognized as the “perfect interpreter”.

The film tells the story of the incredible fate of pianist Clara Haskil. She was celebrated very early as a prodigy. At the tender age of five, she was sent by her family from Bucharest to Vienna, and later, under the care of her strict uncle, to Paris to continue her studies. She will suffer from chronic health issues, survive two world wars, anti-Semitism, before having to go into exile in Vevey, Switzerland. That’s where she found the proper support, in the early fifties, to begin the career she deserved for so long, world fame and undeniable recognition.

A film by Prune Jaillet, Pierre-Olivier François and Pascal Cling

Produced by Louise Productions Vevey and SEPPIA Film

Year of production : 2017
Language :
french, german, english
Subtitles : french, german
Length : 70 min

Image : Olivier Kunz, Mathieu Pansard
Sound : Eric Ghersinu
Editing : Prune Jaillet
Sound editing : Eleonara Polato
Sound mixing : Denis Sechaud

In coproduction with the RTS, the SSR and Arte

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Louise Productions Vevey
Rue de la Clergère 2
1800 Vevey